Therapy Testimonials

Colleague Endorsement:  TS from Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Having had the pleasure of working alongside Dean over the past few years, I have been made aware of what an actual fantastic Counsellor and therapist he genuinely is.  It’s always interesting talking to clients who, after seeing Dean, have managed to quote “get thier life back”.  It’s a real eye-opener to how a person can help you with great advice, techniques and counselling.  I can’t thoroughly recommend him enough for his work, writing and advice.  I know he has very much helped me on a personal level with anxieties and opened my mind up to how to be “me.”  Great therapist.”


Client: JR from Wickham Market, Suffolk.

“Dean seems to have an extraordinary amount of patience and never stops believing that his clients can and will achieve their goals however long it takes.  Don’t expect tea and sympathy, though.  Dean won’t let you wallow in self-pity!  Instead there is plenty of empathy and lots of good advice.  He will never make decisions for you but, rather, guides you through the different options until you find the solution that suits you.  He has supported me through several big life events and the deaths of both my parents and I would whole heartedly recommend him.”


Colleague Endorsement: LB from Blaxhall, Suffolk.

“It’s a pleasure to give Dean Parsons a 5* (out of 5) review as he is among the top few therapists who I refer others to.  It is well accepted that you can have a string of qualifications and be a good therapist, but to be a great therapist you need that something extra, a vital quality that cannot be measured or seen except by the heart and the inner-self – and that is to hold a safe space.  This is where Dean, in my humble opinion, excels.  He has a natural ability and capacity to hold the world steady when it can seem incredibly turbulent.  He is also a really skilled Writer, who is lighting a beacon for those affected by Parkinson’s, through his blog posts and other written works.  It is my humble belief that one day his books will be shaping and contributing to our medical/therapeutic “must read lists”, because he is not only very knowledgable but emobodies his own truth – he leads from his heart with courage, empathy, humour and deep compassion; qualities our world needs more than ever.”


Client: AG from Woodbridge, Suffolk.

“Dean is a fantastic Counsellor, always very kind and incredibly patient.”


Client: PB from Norfolk, England.  

“I would like to thank you again for your excellent and skilled support and help in moving me on from where I was a few months ago, to where I am now.  You combine compassion with challenge, with insight and support.  Your kindness, flexibility and willingness to share relevant personal insights whilst maintaining necessary boundaries was very reassuring and supportive.

Perhaps the best testament to our work together is that I’m not entirely sure which part of the various bits of work you guided me through has helped me the most but some of your insights, and those of my own you stimulated, have helped me enormously.  It’s difficult to put one’s trust in someone else, particularly regarding such sensitive and personal issues as those I brought with me, so it’s a measure of your skill and humanity that I’m glad I placed my trust in you.”


Client: ZT from Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

“Dean’s sensitivity and understanding has been very helpful and has encouraged me to think in unexpected ways, to be able to help myself and deal with ongoing problems of a personal nature.  The answer is within ourselves and he has enabled me to move on with this insight.  He has a minimalist but deep approach, which is very enlightening.”


Client: LG from Saxmundham, Suffolk.  

“I was impressed with Dean’s professionalism from the start.  His web site was clear and easy to access and his advice was too.  After five sessions with Dean, I felt calmer and more in control.  His advice was always practical and the tools he offered me made great sense.  I am reassured to know that I can go back when and if I need more support.”


Client: SR from Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

“I had a few difficulties with my relationship with my mother and sibling.  I decided to seek counselling with Dean.  After talking the difficulties through, I could understand my feelings better and this really helped me.”


Client: WP from Woodbridge, Suffolk.

“Sometimes communication to others is not what is intended and the outcomes of those words and actions affect your relationship with people close to you.  Through meeting, for Family Therapy with Dean, we talked through strategies and scene setting, all of which has led to calmer and clearer actions and words – resulting in a more positive outcome and a happier family environment for everyone.”


Client: MC from Stowmarket, Suffolk. 

“I was in a dark place until I was given Dean’s details and our first session was completed.  Together, and it has to be both parties working together, I have found a way out into the sunshine again.  There are still those days but, with the knowledge that Dean is at the end of the phone, together with the homework and notes at hand, I am managing quite well.  Ask my family and they will say that I am back with them.  Thank you Dean.”


Client: JR from Ipswich, Suffolk. 

“I began long term psychotherapy, rather than counselling, with Dean in December 2012; nervous and not really sure what to expect.  I was there seeking help for an eating problem that had been part of my life for over 20 years.  However, Dean’s friendly and calm approach soon made me feel I was in safe hands.  Little did I know that Dean was about to guide me on a journey that would cover every area of my life.  Dean has given me lots of strategies to help me control my food intake and is helping me to get my resulting weight problem uinder control.  He has remained positive and encouraging, even when I have been off track and he is always supportive.  My self-awareness is much greater than it was before I started psychotherapy and I am better able to deal with any difficult situations that I find myself in.  Dean has offered support and guidance in so much more than just my eating issues and I value that support, greatly.”


Client: CC from Saxmundham, Suffolk. 

“I have always, secretly, considered myself to be slightly volatile, unreasonable and difficult/complicated.  What you (Dean) have taught me over the last few weeks is that I’m not.  I’m normal.  I understand myself way more than I ever did before and that is breeding real confidence.  I still have some negative habits but already am finding that at least I know why I have them and that they can be altered.  I don’t need protecting.  I can protect myself because I have always known myself but it has taken someone else to help me understand myself.  I thought the way you looked into my background was really, really brilliant.  I am a product of all that came before me and those influences are a part of me, whether I realised it or not.  (As a female client) I had no issue with you being a male Counsellor but surprised myself with the things I spoke to you about.  I honestly thought that I would be less open or thoughtful as to how I phrased things, on the basis that you are male, but oddly enough I told you more about what’s going on in my head and life than I have told anyone, ever, and never once felt uncomfortable, even while sobbing.  I have described your style of counselling as ‘If you want to get things done and move forward’, rather than just ‘a hug’. A hug is brilliant and it makes you feel better in the now, but where do you go from there? There are lots of things you said, I will probably forget over time but there are some very important lessons I have learned that I will always revert to and apply to different situations and that is where the moving forward comes in.  The situations are different. They may feel the same, and remind you of another time you felt the same but it is different and it can end differently, too.  Thank you for your help this far and for the future difference you have made to my life and well being.”


Client: TH from Harleston, Norfolk. 

“It will be two years, next month, since I ‘let help in’ at the bleakest time I have ever experienced.  Previously a ‘cup half full’ kind of girl, I couldn’t see a pin prick of light at the end of my tunnel.  Locked into my lonely ‘coping mechanism’, I wasn’t coping and was, indeed, considering the world being a better place without me.  At that time, the words of hope, you gave me Dean, so calmly and confidently, shone a faint light in, but I didn’t beleive the things that you were telling me were possible, would actually be possible…but you were right and, with your guidance and support, I started asking for help and was amazed at how much was out there and how much stronger, not weaker, asking for it made me.  You told me there would be no time limit on my recovery and, after the pressure I had been under, this was the biggest weight which you could have lifted… I urge anyone who feels locked into their own private darkness to brave making that first step in asking for help.  There is no limit on the amount of time for asking and there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel, whether you can see it or not, yourself.  If you can’t see it, there are people there who will see it and help you find it.”


Client: CJ from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. 

“I found Dean Parsons to be a very warm, genuine and caring Counsellor.  He came across as very empathetic and understanding, yet would also challenge me when needed.  Dean helped me deal with my inner demons, fears, anxieties and low self-esteem.  I feel that I have grown as a person since having counselling with Dean and, for that, I am very grateful.  I have recommended a friend to contact Dean, since our sessions have finished, as I hold him in high regard.”


Client: LR from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. 

“The therapy I had with Dean was the start of a real turning point in my life.  He provided a safe, comfortable environment.  He was non-judgemental and gave me the space to explore my feelings.  He facilitated me on a journey of finding myself again, which enabled me to have the empowerment to put in action to make positive changes in my life and become a much more fulfilled, happier person.”


Client: TS from Aldebrugh, Suffolk. 

“I recently finished a three month residential rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.  Upon leaving, I began Aftercare Counselling with Dean; once per week.  This was a tremendous help to me during a difficult time.  We discussed practical changes that I could make in everyday life that would help me stay clean and well.  We also worked with emotional issues and again came up with practical ways in which I could address these.  Although I am feeling well and able to cope at present, I realise that it is early days and recovery is an ongoing process.  It is comfirting to know that I have someone I can talk to if I felt myself going downhill again.”


Client: DD from Lakenheath US Military Airbase, Suffolk. 

“My wife and I were referred to Dean Parsons during a transitional period in my miltary career; to help us to better cope with an impending Board Review.  Dean was able to accommodate our special needs and even adjusted his schedule to better meet ours.  I have known Dean for ten months and I feel that his support was a great benefit to both me and my wife, while preparing for a new way of life.  Much thanks to you, Dean.”


Client: HB from Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

“Dean provides a professional, caring and understanding service which really does find solutions and a way forward.  His support and help has been absolutely the best I could have ever hoped for at a very difficult time in my life.”


Client: LH from Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

“During my 9 months pregnancy, Dean was a great help and inspiration in helping me relax with positive thinking.  I couldn’t have done it without him. Now my baby is one happy baby with one happy Mummy and all this is thanks to Dean’s outstanding work.”