Wordsmith's Notebook


As we approach the end of August, in the gardening calendar, and the signs of seasonal change are gently beginning to make themselves known in the cottage garden, I had been thinking back to what the garden was like when we first moved in, back in 2009. Frankly, the place was a blank canvas. Have you ever had a garden that was a blank canvas? There was part of a perimeter fence and… Read More


This year, I’ve paid particular attention to attracting in more bees and insects. I’ve packed our little cottage garden with all manner of flowering plants and shrubs that serve as a beacon. Here are some of the pictures from this spring-summer, 2019. Have you had any success attracting more bees into your garden? (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

A pathway of autumnal glow When Nature bows her head for rest. While trees prepare for season’s flow Like rust upon what summer blessed. The morning dew drops hang like gems As chill winds cause crisp leaves to fall. Such a welcome the pathway lends To all the people one and all. Who can resist to kick the piles Of golden foliage so deep? The sound of rustling all the while Nature’s… Read More

     I fully expected that I would have to take off my boots.  As we did so, taking the lead from our friends, my Partner and I managed to cram our boots into the small racks that had been set up outside the entrance to the Manor.  I felt sure that I would not find my boots again, among so many.  I imagined myself having to be the last person to… Read More