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     Hello everyone.  I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and, if you do not celebrate Christmas, to nonetheless extend that wish for peace and happiness to you.       Thank you to all of my readers and to those who follow me on various social media sites: Facebook MeWe Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Ello      I would particularly like to thank… Read More

Taken from my You Tube Channel.  In this vlog, I discuss medication. (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

     Taken from my You Tube Channel.  Here, suffering from the severe Parkinson’s symptoms of painful dystonia and frustrating insomnia, I go on camera to describe what this is like to experience. (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

Taken from my You Tube Channel.  In this vlog, I speak of the origins of Parkinson’s Disease within my family. I recite a poem from my book ‘A Look Inside’; available at Amazon, worldwide.   (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

     It takes time to get used to living your life in three hour stages.  After my diagnosis of Parkinson’s, in 2017, I was initially given medication called Madopar; co-beneldopa.  This provides levodopa and that enables my brain to produce dopamine.  Parkinson’s gradually kills the part of the brain that produces dopamine and so this boost helps to restore the functions that otherwise increase our disability.  It only works for as… Read More

     I have made an artpiece to represent the ‘Admin Team’ of Parkinson’s Road support group in the United Kingdom, myself included, who are a team of volunteers who freely give our time to support others with Parkinson’s and their loved ones and caregivers.  This is done through our Facebook based support groups which have become a wonderful supportive community.     It is not intended as a literal portrayal of… Read More

     One of the most difficult aspects of life with Parkinson’s is insomnia.  It’s a common occurrence to find myself wide awake and actually in a heightened state of alertness just at the time I plan to go to sleep.  Most often, for me, this happens as a consequence of dystonia; a symptom which is all about muscle rigidity, cramping and contorting.  Dystonia is an incredibly painful element of Parkinson’s.  Insomnia… Read More

     Have you had reason to visit hospital recently?  Perhaps for a one-off treatment, for something that requires some short- medium term care or, maybe like me, you may have a chronic condition or illness that requires you to attend for ongoing, indefinite reviews?  For me, the reason for my hospital visit was a review of how Parkinson’s Disease is progressing.  I was diagnosed in 2017, but I have been living… Read More

     Today, I will be attending my latest six-monthly neurology review.  This is to assess how Parkinson’s disease is progressing and to review medication.   It is an opportunity for my neurologist and I to explore how I experience Parkinson’s and for us both to ask questions about all aspects of that.  There will be two differences, in relation to this appointment, for me today.      The first, and most significant,… Read More