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“Hi.  If you experience distress caused by thoughts, feelings, emotions and/or behaviours that are related to stress or anxiety, then you may want to purchase my ‘Mindfulness with Dean G. Parsons’ course. I am building a series of podcasts, each of which can be stand-alone or used in the form of a course, which will teach you how to embed Mindfulness into your life in order to reclaim your sense of calmness,… Read More


Oh boy, I’m melting!  Here in the East Anglia region of England, we’ve reached temperatures of just over  38 celcius in beautiful Cambridge.  It’s been a touch cooler where I live, on the Suffolk coast but, as I sit and reflect over recent weeks of summer, the heat has been building. From a business perspective, this glorious summer weather has in impact upon my psychotherapy business in that this is always the… Read More

One of the things that many people with Parkinson’s Disease commonly struggle with, is our sleeping patterns.  If you listen to anyone living with Parkinson’s, you will almost certainly hear regular expressions of frustration, and even desperation, at the difficulty of achieving any sort of regular sleep pattern.  In fact, in all likelihood, you will also hear of a complete inability to achieve more than three or four hours sleep in any… Read More

One afternoon over this last weekend, I sat outside The Flying Goose Café in the wonderful antiques centre in my village, with Aunty Ann; my other-half’s lovely Aunt.  The café offered me welcome respite from trying to walk with the pain and difficulty caused by Parkinson’s.  We sat outside, in the rear garden area of the antiques centre and enjoyed a cup of coffee each.  We initially sat at a little round table for two that was, along with its two chairs, decorated in… Read More

Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel… Today, I awoke to the sound of my alarm on my iPhone; Nina Simone singing ‘Feeling Good’.  Nina’s beautiful tones and the uplifting lyrics makes for an optimistic and uplifting way to greet a new day; once I recover from the inevitable shock of suddenly returning to consciousness!  I set a different song for each morning but I always make the choice of something that will make… Read More

Changing unhealthy eating behaviours can feel like an immense challenge.  Sometimes we may be so focused on the end goal, that we may lose site of the benefit of simply achieving a daily or weekly goal.  It is the small goals that lead us to the eventual ‘end goal’ that we are aiming for.  Let us look at some basic principles that will help us to achieve a healthier eating regime. Here are some common… Read More