Wordsmith's Notebook


     I had fully intended to paint my village church, using acrylic.  Bear in mind that the only training I have ever had for art was at school in the 1980’s!  At the last meeting of the little art group, created with friends, earlier this month, I painted what was to be the background wash (is that even what you call it when using acrylic?) and I was pleased with how… Read More


In my latest practice at portraiture, I thought I would try to paint my sister-in-law. She won’t thank me for the end result; something of a caricature and an image that is probably of a version of her twenty years older than she actually is!  That said, I rather like the end result because, for me, it captures her sense of fun.  Anyway, it’s in the eye of the beholder so we… Read More

     How to cause chaos in your studio space!  I had been thinking of how to personalise a gift for my mother-in-law’s eightieth birthday and decided to create my own hand made gift wrap.  I thought about the options and decided to go with paper marbling.  The marble design on wrapping paper can look quite elegant, if done well.  What I did not know, was that this experience would turn out… Read More

Day 1. My friend, artist, Tina Hannay suggested I go bigger! So, this time the head pretty much fills the A3 sheet. Here’s my first effort. Come back each day and check my progress. I am hoping that each portrait will show some improvement! My first observation is that they eyes are not quite the right shape yet and the right side of the face is a little large.  Still, this is… Read More

I am back for more!  I was quite pleased with my portrait of Barak Obama, which you will find in an earlier article here.  My next subject is legendary actress of the golden age of Hollywood, Bette Davis.  What greater icon of the silver screen, perhaps, than this incredible actress who could cause men to fall in love with her or who would strike fear into any heart with one look from… Read More

    I’ve never painted a portrait before. I have been watching artists on tv, so hopefully I’ve learnt a few tips!  I have started to work on a portrait of Barak Obama.  It’s my representation of a photo from a book cover. It is not finished yet. That may take a couple more days.  I have a condition called prosopagnosia, so portraits can be tricky. It’s been a long time since I attempted… Read More