Wordsmith's Notebook


     If you are going to enjoy crafting, then be prepared for the fact that you will need a variety of materials and tools to craft with.  Seldom do we ever simply undertake one type of craft project; that would be rather dull, I think, unless we are producing a product to sell or for a longer term purpose.      You are going to need to have storage space, in… Read More


Taken from my You Tube channel.  Here, I have put together a short film about how my Parkinson’s symptoms caused me a small degree of chaos while I was working on a craft project. (c) Dean G. Parsons.  2019.

     Today was the third meeting of The Art Shack; the small group of friends who gather for some creative fun, a communal lunch and the chance to catch up and have a chuckle.  This gathering took place at the home studio of our friends, Helen and Kim.  As ever, with varying life commitments among us, not everyone can make every gathering but those who attended had great fun and we… Read More

In the art group I am part of, with a group of friends, we recently met and hand decorated some wooden bunting cut-outs.  If you would like to try this, then these are the items you will need for three bunting flags: Bunting flag plywood cut outs. (You can alternatively use canvas). String. Adhesive. Photograph of pictures that you like; one per bunting flag. A small bowl. Water. A cloth. A brush… Read More

    A few days ago, my friends and I gathered together at a mutual friend’s house in Harleston, Norfolk.  The purpose of the gathering was to enjoy a day of art and or craft activities.  We all took along a home made dish to contribute towards a buffet lunch.  What a feast we shared!     One of the forms of art that I wanted to practice and develop my skills… Read More

    A group of friends and I have formed an art and craft group. The aim being that we meet on a regular basis, each of us taking turns to host.  We each bring along a home made dish to contribute to a buffet lunch.  We bring with us whichever art or craft materials we would like to.  We may work on an individual project, we may choose a group activity and… Read More

    I have long wanted to make a space, at home, for art and crafting.  It is nice to reflect over achievements and this morning I am enjoying having progressed one of my goals.  We are fortunate to have large sized bedrooms and our guestroom is where I have my writing desk.     While I am still developing the ‘writing den’ aspect of the room, I have now achieved my… Read More