Wordsmith's Notebook


It has been several months since I have reported on The Art Shack.  As a group, we have been unable to meet since December.  This has been due to the death of my beautiful mum and then the onset of the Coronavirus in the UK and all of the disruption that it has brought to our lives across the country. This does not mean, however, that individual group members have not been… Read More


     Back in May, 2019, there was an impromptu gathering of three of us who just happen to be part of our new art and crafts group; The Art Shack.  One of us, Tina, is an established artist while two of us are more hobby artists.  Following the wonderful meal that Tina made, and a glass of wine or three, we set about making sheets of paper! (My cousin, Debbie, and… Read More

    A few days ago, my friends and I gathered together at a mutual friend’s house in Harleston, Norfolk.  The purpose of the gathering was to enjoy a day of art and or craft activities.  We all took along a home made dish to contribute towards a buffet lunch.  What a feast we shared!     One of the forms of art that I wanted to practice and develop my skills… Read More