Wordsmith's Notebook


It has been several months since I have reported on The Art Shack.  As a group, we have been unable to meet since December.  This has been due to the death of my beautiful mum and then the onset of the Coronavirus in the UK and all of the disruption that it has brought to our lives across the country. This does not mean, however, that individual group members have not been… Read More


     I had fully intended to paint my village church, using acrylic.  Bear in mind that the only training I have ever had for art was at school in the 1980’s!  At the last meeting of the little art group, created with friends, earlier this month, I painted what was to be the background wash (is that even what you call it when using acrylic?) and I was pleased with how… Read More

     Our little collective of an art group met again in September.  We have a name.  A year or so ago, I created an online art group, on Facebook, for friends and I.  I called it The Art Shack and we have been adding in little bits of art here and there and we have been posting about art, crafts and events.  It has been nice.  It wasn’t really a very… Read More

I am back for more!  I was quite pleased with my portrait of Barak Obama, which you will find in an earlier article here.  My next subject is legendary actress of the golden age of Hollywood, Bette Davis.  What greater icon of the silver screen, perhaps, than this incredible actress who could cause men to fall in love with her or who would strike fear into any heart with one look from… Read More

    Today has been a good day, not without help from some very dear loved ones.  I have a new vehicle.  Well, it’s a rather old vehicle, but it is new to me.  In wanting to cease use of my diesel car in order to move to a cleaner type of fuel, I now have a Bongo!  No, not a drum, although we do have one of those at home, but… Read More

    Alongside having created an art and crafts studio area indoors (see my article entitled ‘Multi-Purpose Room), I am in the process of creating an art and crafts studio in one of our garages.  This is a great space with electricity and great windows plus a garden area alongside.  I aim to create a restful seating area but predominantly the space will be more of a conservation garden; planting with the… Read More

    A group of friends and I have formed an art and craft group. The aim being that we meet on a regular basis, each of us taking turns to host.  We each bring along a home made dish to contribute to a buffet lunch.  We bring with us whichever art or craft materials we would like to.  We may work on an individual project, we may choose a group activity and… Read More