Supervision Testimonials

If you have been a client of my Clinical Supervision service and you would like to leave feedback to be shown on this page, please send your feedback to me via the ‘Contact Form’ page on this web site.  Many thanks to my supervisees for providing the following feedback:

“In my second year of training, I started working with volunteers (voluntary non-fee paying clients) and Dean was recommended by a fellow Student.  Clinical Supervision with him has been a great learning curve, as he always pushes me to work things out for myself while giving all the support, instruction and insight that is needed.  I always look forward to the sessions as I know that I will learn and benefit while being made to feel confident and positive about my approaches.  Dean is generous with his knowledge and is also attentive to detail”.

-Lucy Ferguson; Counsellor – Woodbridge, Suffolk.


“I am in my final year of study as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Dean has been my Clinical Supervisor for the best part of the last year.  As well as being a constant source of support and encouragement, Dean constantly challenges me to think outside the box.  Dean is a very experienced practitioner, he is also a very kind and thoughtful person, who has a lovely gentle manner.  I havw enjoywd working with him a great deal over the last year (2016) and hope to continue throughout my third year as a Student and as a qualified practitioner”.

Linda Burley; Counsellor – Woodbridge, Suffolk.


Over the last 7 years (as at 2016) of my professional career, Dean has been a wonderful support as my Clinical Supervisor.  His guidance and encouragement has been a crucial benefit to my journey so far.  I am where I am now, largely thanks to his encouragement and honesty.  Sincerely I am beyond grateful to have him on my side.  I have the self-belief to value me as I am and to improve as much as I can”.

Tom Huber; Counsellor and Service Director – Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.


“Dean has provided me with considered and directed support and guidance which has increased my confidence and empowered me to provide a better service to my clients.  He has offered me clinical direction when I have come to a difficult area with my clients and he has offered me CPD guidance and learning directions which I had not considered.  I could not wish for a better supervisor.  I would highly recommend his services to other counsellors”.

– Ruth Hubbard; Counsellor – Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.


“On behalf of our faculty and students, please accept my sincere appreciation of your excellent contribution as a practicum/internship field site supervisor….during this past academic year….The developmental gains of your student counsellor could not have been achieved without your high level of skill and commitment..”

– Douglas Franklin, PhD.  Associate Dean; University of Maryland University College Europe.


“I found Dean extremely supportive and insightful as regards my work.  He allowed my personality to shine through whilst guiding me towards better practice and performance.  I appreciated his awareness and knowledge around the client base and I felt I was being instructed by a true professional”.

– Jacqueline Moss; Counsellor – Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk and Norwich, Norfolk.  


“When I first started my counselling placement, I was insecure and overly concerned with my personal and professional weaknesses.  I was not really sure if I had the necessary skills to succeed as a Counsellor.  Dean Parsons worked closely with me throughout my learning process, to recognise my natural strengths and facilitate my professional development.  He encouraged the exploration of new ideas and techniques; offering ongoing support whenever I needed it.  I valued his feedback and recommendations and I learned more from our interpersonal interactions than a semesters’ worth of university work!  Dean supported and challenged me while monitoring and evaluating my progress as a new Counsellor.  He reviewed my case files, provided consultation and took time just to listen.  I can never thank Dean enough for his mentoring and guidance.  Most importantly, I know that my clients received the best possible counselling service because I was working with an outstanding Clinical Supervisor!”

– Kelly Burke; Counsellor – Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK / Maryland USA.  

“Dean’s supervision provided a comfortable balance between challenging me to explore my work and supporting me, both as a Counsellor and a person behind that role.  I still find myself reflecting on some of our sessions!  His faith in my abilities and his encouragement continue to inspire me in pursuing my career now that I have changed locations”.

– Sarah Plant; Counsellor – Norwich, Norfolk.

“Dean was my manager when I was a Project Worker at Cranstoun Drug Services (Counselling and Treatment Service for clients with drug and alcohol addiction) with supervisory role included in his tasks. I found him very good at providing neutral and supportive clinical supervision for me during a time when I was struggling with a number of work related pressures. He was able to help me clearly distinguish inappropriate works practice and if necessary give bold and useful advice. I would have no hesitation in employing him to support me in a work related supervisory role”.

– Steve Postgate; former Counselling and Treatment Service Project Worker – Croydon, Surrey.