In June 2019, Dean started writing and presenting a small programme on Radio Parkies; an international online radio station aimed at the global Parkinson’s community.  Dean’s segment is within the Saturday evening show, hosted by the UK team’s DJ Johnny.

Presenting on a range of subjects, Dean brings with him the experience of being a writer, a therapist and co-facilitator of the international support group, Parkinson’s Road, which runs on Facebook and which also serves the Parkinson’s community around the world.

If you are affected by Parkinson’s and you would like to listen in to Dean’s presentation, simply select the link below and, once there, select the flag of the United Kingdom and then scroll down to the timetable and look for ‘DJ Johnny’, for details of his next show.  Dean will feature within the show each Saturday.

Here is the link:

Radio Parkies

Or, to listen back to previous shows and to hear podcasts of Dean’s segment, simply select ‘Radio Parkies Podcasts’ from the Parkinson’s Menu.

Select that page and you will find the page is filled with Dean’s weekly podcasts from the radio show.

“If you are able to listen in, I thank you for your interest and support.”
– Dean G. Parsons.