Mindfulness Podcasts

“Hi.  If you experience distress caused by thoughts, feelings, emotions and/or behaviours that are related to stress or anxiety, then you may want to purchase my ‘Mindfulness with Dean G. Parsons’ course.

I am building a series of podcasts, each of which can be stand-alone or used in the form of a course, which will teach you how to embed Mindfulness into your life in order to reclaim your sense of calmness, peacefulness and sense of safety.

At just £0.05, these podcasts will take you through the ethos of Mindfulness and you will learn about how Mindfulness will benefit you, how it works and how to change your feelings by implementing simple, yet effective, Mindfulness techniques..

Whether you need to use these techniques on an ad-hoc basis or whether you wish to build them into everyday life, you will learn that the things you think and feel need not trigger you into difficulty or distress.

Come with me.

You will find the podcasts at the ‘Podcasts Shop‘ page of this web site.  I hope that you enjoy the podcasts the learning and that these techniques will help you to rebuild a sense of self, trust and higher self-esteem.”

Dean G. Parsons.

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