Editor’s Message

“Hello and welcome.

My name is Dean and I’m the editor and writer of this online magazine.

Originally designed as a simple blog, this site has evolved into a full online magazine. I now write about a range of subjects but they are all connected by one common underlying theme:

Living a life of creativity and well-being.

I am always open to receiving feedback and constructive critique but, most of all, I am happiest when my readers engage in discussion; so do please feel free to leave your comments at the end of each article that interests you and share something of your own story, perspective or opinion if you would like to.  I will always reply to you.

Do look out for my social media icons, which will link you to some of my social media pages.  Come and visit me there, too, and say hello.

Thank you for your support and interest.”


Dean G. Parsons.
Editor and Writer.



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