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A Step Too Far

     With the progression of Parkinson’s Disease giving me a powerful kick or three, this year, I have deteriorated more than I had expected and certainly my new neurologist has said that Parkinson’s is now at ‘fast progression’.  Nothing exemplified this better than the number of times that I have fallen and almost fallen this year.  One area, in

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Update on a Shocking Event

     In 2018, I wrote about how the Conservative local authority had cancelled the funding for my mother’s housing association, to some degree or another.  The consequence was that the housing association had no choice but to remove the ‘Sheltered Housing’ status from my mother’s bungalow, and those of the community of bungalow’s around her.  Additionally, they withdrew their

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That Magical Writing Moment

     At almost 2am, I have been hit by a flash of inspiration.  I’ve then gone ahead and written a scene filled with wonderful characters set within the most perfect setting.  Something I am incredibly pleased about; a character that I have been writing about for a few years but have not had the right project to put her

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A Bongo Extension

     With such beautiful weather, today, we decided to make our first attempt at setting up the awning that fits onto the Bongo.  The main slide door of the Bongo can open into an awning, effectively.  There, it is possible to use the extra space as additional living quarters.  The awning can be sealed up and left, so that

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Bongo Prep

      This is my new Bongo!      Useless information alert!  Did you know that Mazda is owned by Ford and that the two companies pretty much share the same parts?  I had no idea.  This makes me chuckle when I think back to hearing people speak of getting a Mazda as if it is somehow far better

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