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Portrait: Ricky Martin

Day 1. My friend, artist, Tina Hannay suggested I go bigger! So, this time the head pretty much fills the A3 sheet. Here’s my first effort. Come back each day and check my progress. I am hoping that each portrait will show some improvement! My first observation is that they eyes are not quite the right shape yet and the

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Portrait: Bette Davis

I am back for more!  I was quite pleased with my portrait of Barak Obama, which you will find in an earlier article here.  My next subject is legendary actress of the golden age of Hollywood, Bette Davis.  What greater icon of the silver screen, perhaps, than this incredible actress who could cause men to fall in love with her

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Portrait: Barak Obama

    I’ve never painted a portrait before. I have been watching artists on tv, so hopefully I’ve learnt a few tips!  I have started to work on a portrait of Barak Obama.  It’s my representation of a photo from a book cover. It is not finished yet. That may take a couple more days.  I have a condition called prosopagnosia, so

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Portrait in a Line

    A few days ago, my friends and I gathered together at a mutual friend’s house in Harleston, Norfolk.  The purpose of the gathering was to enjoy a day of art and or craft activities.  We all took along a home made dish to contribute towards a buffet lunch.  What a feast we shared!     One of the

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Down Time

    I made a rather rough sketch of myself on a day when I needed to find comfort and rest from the ill health that I suffer.  Sketching, and other forms of art, can be a therapeutic way to express oneself and to process how it feels to experience difficulties that are caused by illness.     It was a

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