About Therapy Services

Hello and welcome to my ‘Therapy Services’ page.

It would be unusual to go through life without experiencing some form of emotional difficulty, at some point.  In some cases, there may be an underlying mental health condition or, more often, it may simply be the case that we are feeling difficult or complex emotions.  Sometimes it may be that our thought processes are not functioning in a helpful or healthy way.  Sometimes it may be that our behaviours are in some way problematic.   The fact remains that we can become distressed, confused, pained or overwhelmed.

There are times when we are functioning perfectly well, but we may be troubled by things that are happening around us.  This might be about how we experience other people, it might be that we are in a situation that is in some way problematic or that our circumstances are challenging or worrying.

Life can also go well and so there are times that we might simply want to take-stock of where we are and of who we are.  We might want to rethink how we are living and what our goals are.

There are these and, indeed, many other reasons why a person may decide to seek the support of a counsellor or psychotherapist; someone trained and impartial, to offer support and guidance.

That is where I come in.

I am a qualified, accredited and registered counsellor and psychotherapist.  I am also an approved supervisor and I have been awarded for my work as a clinical supervisor; which is where I offer teaching, guidance and mentoring to other counsellors and psychotherapists.

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If you are thinking of either seeing me for therapy or, if you are a therapist, you are considering me as a potential clinical supervisor, then please do take a look at the pages in the ‘Therapy Menu’, where you will learn about my work and the services that I offer.

I work from comfortable treatment rooms in the pretty Suffolk village of Wickham Market.  I have been working in my role for over a decade and a half and 2018 saw me achieve my ten year anniversary of running my services here in the beautiful county of Suffolk.

You will see, from the rest of this site, that I have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.  Please note that I am fit to practice, that my work is overseen by my own clinical supervisor; herself a BACP accredited clinical supervisor with over twenty years experience.  I meet all of the standards and requirements set by my accrediting bodies and I have a thriving practice and many wonderful testimonials about my work. My disability is hidden.  I do not shake or tremor visibly.  All you will notice is that I use a walking stick.

I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist.  I have been trained in a variety of therapeutic models and this enables me to draw from the most appropriate of these, to meet your individual needs.  My service is completely confidential and complies with the latest GDPR and Date Protection regulations.  You can be assured of the highest standards of confidentiality and care.

I can offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation, prior to your booking an appointment.  To contact me for this, for any questions you may have or simply to book an appointment, please use the ‘contact form’ page of this site and I will come back to you to.

With kindest regards

Dean Parsons

Ad. Prof. Dip. PC MNCS (Acc).

Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.