I Found Something Too Good

     At almost 2am, I have been hit by a flash of inspiration.  I’ve then gone ahead and written a scene filled with wonderful characters set within the most perfect setting.  Something I am incredibly pleased about; a character that I have been writing about for a few years but have not had the right project to put her into, will fit absolutely beautifully into this newly born novel!  Finally, she has a place to belong and a role to play.

     I have a lovely friend called Sharon who often asks me whether I have been able to write more about this particular character.  I let Sharon proof read some of the work I have written about her, a couple of years ago.  Sharon has never forgotten this character and neither have I.  She just will not go away.  It’s as if there is a story that needs to be told!  It was wonderful to know that Sharon felt an interest in the character.  There will be two other key characters in this novel, which will be rich in supporting characters as well.  Once I get hooked, then I have to write.

     My style is not unusual, but it is not for all writers.  I have absolutely no idea what the story will be, or even the genre!  My method of writing is that I have to simply sit at my computer and find a starting point in the moment and run with it.  I will picture something or someone and that starts me off and then I write.  Where characters are concerned, their stories unfold literally as I write.  I get as excited about writing, as I do, for I am the reader as well and I can’t wait to turn the next page, so to speak, for I have no idea what will be there until I get there.

     Ah…okay – so it’s now past 2am.  While my insomnia keeps me awake now, until 4am each day, I am going to go to bed and try to see whether sleep will arrive a little earlier than usual.  Sleep deprivation is wiping me out and I need my energy so I can crack on with this writing!

     If you are a writer and identify with my processes, do leave a comment below.  It would be nice not to feel like I’m completely mad on my own!

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.


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