The Conservatives and the Disabled

I recently had to give up work due to disability caused by the degenerative neurological disease; Parkinson’s.

Well, Universal Credit is so helpful! It seems I am entitled to…£0

I guess the next twenty years are going to be challenging.

Please think about your vote.

This is the Conservative Government and how they care for people like me, who have a disease that is killing part of the brain and causing disability.

Kevin, my husband, provides a huge amount of caregiving to me. Just the other day he had to attend the Doctor’s surgery with me. He had to undress and then dress me for my flu jab, for I could barely move and could not get my jumper over my head or unbutton and button my shirt.

As a carer, he now has to work even more, because I am not entitled to any income related benefit in my own right. He has total responsibility for everything, placed on his shoulders while I am reduced to being like a child in need.

The Conservatives do not care about Carers.

The Conservatives do not care about the disabled.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.


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