I was recently asked to contribute to the online radio podcast of Parkinson’s Road; facilitated by the wonderful human being that is Tanya Lesstrange, in British Columbia; Canada.  It was an honour to be invited to do this and my privilege to speak of Parkinson’s Road; the subject of the podcast.


      This, the second of her interesting podcasts, was one in which I was invited to speak of the values I hold dear about Parkinson’s Road; the global online support community that Tanya and I, among others, co-facilitate on Facebook.

     Here, in the following link, is Tanya’s podcast.  Here, you will find my own thoughts and views, kindly broadcast by Tanya and her interesting show:

Tanya Lesstrange Welcomes Dean G. Parsons to her show at Parkinson’s Road.

     Tanya is an inspirational person and it is a joy to be her friend and to work alongside her.  A motivator and a campaigner for physical exercise and the benefits it has for people with Parkinson’s, Tanya’s energy for life, her empowering attitude and her kind approach to people all make her an incredible role model and advocate for the Parkinson’s community.

      Please follow Tanya’s podcasts and listen in.  I know that, if you have or are affected by Parkinson’s, you will benefit from her words.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019