Emergency Art Drama Crisis!

     How to cause chaos in your studio space!  I had been thinking of how to personalise a gift for my mother-in-law’s eightieth birthday and decided to create my own hand made gift wrap.  I thought about the options and decided to go with paper marbling.  The marble design on wrapping paper can look quite elegant, if done well.  What I did not know, was that this experience would turn out to be far from elegant!

     I had all of the equipment that I needed; a water tray, plain paper and coloured ink bottles.  I sat at the little art studio area I have created in a corner of our guest room and, having already filled the tray with water, I gently squeezed some green ink into droplets which plipped and plopped gently into the water.  I moved the water a little, to see the beginnings of a pattern and then, pleased with the effect, decided upon red as the second ink colour to drop into the water.

     As I picked up the ink bottle, I could tell that my Parkinson’s symptoms were worsening and that this was a sign that my next dose of medication was due.  I take medication every three hours, sometimes with a little more in-between doses.  When the symptoms start to return, we call this ‘wearing off’; as in the medication is wearing off and no longer working.  Nonetheless, I proceeded.

     As I tilted the ink bottle over the water tray, my hand suddenly ‘spasmed’ and squeezed tight; so tight, in fact, that the bottle of bright red ink exploded!  Literally everything was splattered in scarlet drops and splodges!  The walls were covered, my shirt and right arm, the table, the nearby curtain, the carpet, the bed-spread and various art items I have around me.  It looked like bloodbath at the house of death!  It was a bright, dripping red mess of liquid that stains everything!

     I sat, rather shocked, but frankly just mouth agape before bursting into laughter.  Well, one could be distressed about all of the things the ink had damaged but it’s far better to see it for what it was; a pure comedy moment! I called out to Kevin for help and together we managed to mop up, dry up and discard all that we could.  He was as bewildered as I was but we both managed to have a good laugh about it.  Well, you learn to laugh at things like this when you have to live with Parkinson’s.

     I went online to ask members of Parkinson’s Road, a Facebook based support community that I co-facilitate, whether any artists among them knew how to clean ink out of carpet.   As it turns out, the carpet could not be cleaned of ink and so we have a mat that we have cut into place to sit on the carpet and cover the ink stains.  The moral of this story is to ensure you have a mat on the floor, prior to conducting any art activities, not after!

     You may be aware that I have recently started a vlog on You Tube?  Regular readers will know, for I have posted about that.  I decided to make a small video about this Emergency Art Drama Crisis!  Here it is:

     Do post about any of your own art disasters, in the comments below.  It is always nice to know that I am not ‘the only one’, so to speak.

(C) Dean G. Parsons.  2019.


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