The Forced Ending

                                Announcement by Dean G. Parsons:

     “After eighteen years in the field of mental health and after eleven years of running my own psychotherapy and clinical supervision  practice in the beautiful county of Suffolk, I regret to announce that my business is closed down.  It is true; no new therapy clients are being taken on.

     I have Parkinson’s Disease and, while my illness has been progressively worsening, the Brexit vote has also happened.  With the increasing possibility of a no-deal Brexit, the NHS has had to take extraordinary steps to try to stockpile medication, where possible, due to the inevitable disruption of the supply chain for medications.  In effect, the UK has chosen to leave a union of nations who, together, make a large amount of the life saving and life preserving medications that people with some incredibly debilitating illnesses rely upon.  Parkinson’s is one of those and I am one of those people.

     The NHS has contacted me and advised me that my medication, which enables me to move and to speak, is at risk of running out of supply.  What they cannot tell me, is when I might expect that supply to falter or when it may subsequently resume.

     As an ethical practitioner, I decided that I had to create a cut off point for accepting new clients into my service; given that I now face the uncertainty of whether my monthly prescription can be provided to me. It would be wrong to have continued to take on potentially vulnerable adults, only to then have to refer them on for therapy elsewhere due to my own disability status worsening from a potential lack of medication for my Parkinson’s Disease.

     Consequently, I have recently closed my therapy business.  The impact has been significant.  I am not in a position to sustain such loss of income, to continue to invest in my annual professional accreditation  requirements and cover the costs of running this business, without that usual income.  I am, no doubt, one of many thousands of people who have worked hard to build a thriving service or business, only for Brexit to plunge my life’s work into uncertainty and chaos.  I will not be the only professional closing their service or business down, as a consequence.  This is, indeed, a sad but inevitable outcome for those of us who work but who live with chronic disease or illness and so rely upon the certainty of medication supply.

     Additionally, I will also be changing the appearance of this free online magazine.  What started out as a simple blog has, with your interest, become a broad reaching free online magazine that has been read close to 40,000 times by people from literally all across the world.  The quality of this site, however, has a cost attached and I will no longer sustain that cost as I move to living off Government disability benefits which I hope to secure in the coming weeks.

     I will soon open an alternative and simpler, though still free, blog.  One that is free for me to run.  Back to simple basics.  I am grateful that I can use a free template for my site and so I will continue to write.  I will keep this address and my simpler blog will appear in place of this current template.  My current articles will be either deleted or simplified to fit a new format, but I will write anew and I will begin again. (The new look is now in place, I hope you like it).

     Thank you for your continued interest and please do stay with this site as I make changes to it over the next couple of weeks.  I will do my best to ensure that it still presents well and that you are provided with interesting articles.  It may take me a little time to establish the new look site and make all of the amendments but please do bear with me.

     With thanks and kind regards


(C) Dean G. Parsons.  October 2019.


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