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Monthly Archives: October 2019

     One of the interesting things about regularly practicing art, is that you start to develop a style of your own.  I have taken to working on portraits.  This has become something of a fascination to me, for I have a condition called Prosopagnosia; also known as face blindness.  It is a life-long condition and one that I never knew was something to be diagnosed until fairly recently.      Basically,… Read More


     One of the most difficult aspects of life with Parkinson’s is insomnia.  It’s a common occurrence to find myself wide awake and actually in a heightened state of alertness just at the time I plan to go to sleep.  Most often, for me, this happens as a consequence of dystonia; a symptom which is all about muscle rigidity, cramping and contorting.  Dystonia is an incredibly painful element of Parkinson’s.  Insomnia… Read More

     Today was the third meeting of The Art Shack; the small group of friends who gather for some creative fun, a communal lunch and the chance to catch up and have a chuckle.  This gathering took place at the home studio of our friends, Helen and Kim.  As ever, with varying life commitments among us, not everyone can make every gathering but those who attended had great fun and we… Read More

     How to cause chaos in your studio space!  I had been thinking of how to personalise a gift for my mother-in-law’s eightieth birthday and decided to create my own hand made gift wrap.  I thought about the options and decided to go with paper marbling.  The marble design on wrapping paper can look quite elegant, if done well.  What I did not know, was that this experience would turn out… Read More

     Back in May, 2019, there was an impromptu gathering of three of us who just happen to be part of our new art and crafts group; The Art Shack.  One of us, Tina, is an established artist while two of us are more hobby artists.  Following the wonderful meal that Tina made, and a glass of wine or three, we set about making sheets of paper! (My cousin, Debbie, and… Read More