Only recently, I announced that I would be stepping down from broadcasting a weekly segment for Radio Parkies.  Despite this decision, I thought I would let my readers and listeners know that I am, in fact, going to be presenting again for Radio Parkies, from November 2019!

     I had made well intended efforts to step away from the glittering penthouse studio at Radio Parkies Tower, from where I presented my weekly segment to listeners across the Kingdom and beyond.  I had felt that I am perhaps a little too shy to be any good as a presenter of any air time.  It has been my belief that I am better suited to life in the basement of Radio Parkies Tower; writing in a dark and dusty corner, by candlelight, for others.

     In spite of this not misguided belief, DJ Johnny, and fellow presenter Neil Benny,  watched while presenter Nina Jackson put me in a headlock until I agreed to stay with them.  Though I recognised that this was an act of kindness, Nina knows how to keep a guy in a headlock for just a bit too long and so I eventually submitted.  She released me from her vice like grip once I had agreed to broadcast again from November 2019.

     Those three!  I was going to miss working closely with them, while consigning myself to the basement to write by candlelight.  Now, once per month, I will be able to share a little time with them in the green room as I prepare for broadcasting my segment in the very glitzy penthouse studio at Radio Parkies Tower, once again.

     DJ Johnny has provided me with a mini bottle of champagne, to welcome me back.  This, a slight guilt present, because he refuses to return to me my faux leopard skin smoking jacket, fez and Garfield slippers that I had left in the green room at what I had thought would be my my last visit there.  It’s okay.  It is a sacrifice, but I see that Johnny is attached to them now.

     Neil and Nina have also kindly promised to let me off from joining in with the conga, at the end of the aftershow parties.  My achilles tendons have been playing up, due to the dystonia I suffer with Parkinson’s and, when you have to keep time in the conga, achilles pain is not helpful.  You see, it is thoughtfulness and camaraderie such as this, that has found me returning to broadcasting on radio.

     So, please do ‘watch this space’ for details of my future broadcasts and, as ever, I will store podcast recordings of my segments here in this online magazine; this virtual world that is Wordsmith’s Notebook, for you to listen to at your leisure.

     (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.