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This is just a brief post to make you aware that I now also have a You Tube channel, where you will find that I have started a vlog. If you’d like to subscribe as a follower, please visit: Dean G. Parsons at You Tube Thank you for your ongoing interest. Advertisements


Does Your Mother Know? A Horse With No Name It’s a Mystery Can You Feel It? I Walk The Line Life’s What You Make It Clap Your Hands I Predict A Riot Get Up Offa That Thing Pull Up to the Bumper Turn Back Time Surrender If Only I Could Rewrite the Stars It’s Too Darn Hot Where Is the Love? Let It Be Radioactive Never Trust a Stranger Don’t Break My… Read More

     Are you feeling stuck in a sense of anxiety or depression?  Often, people will feel both anxiety and depression concurrently.  One of the common features of feeling stuck, and unable to shift away from these emotions, is fear and panic.  We can be so focused on how horrible it is to feel these emotions, that we can lose sight of what they each are and how they each affect us. … Read More

The demonstration of distortion. The display of the despicable. The demeanour of desperation. The dealers of our democracy. The designers of disenchantment. The demands of the denigrators. The destroyers of decent discourse. The dealers of our democracy. The defamation of the decent. The direction of disharmony. The deceit of the delegation. The dealers of our democracy. The disruptors of due diligence. The definition of devious. The diatribe of the devout. The dealers… Read More

     Have you had reason to visit hospital recently?  Perhaps for a one-off treatment, for something that requires some short- medium term care or, maybe like me, you may have a chronic condition or illness that requires you to attend for ongoing, indefinite reviews?  For me, the reason for my hospital visit was a review of how Parkinson’s Disease is progressing.  I was diagnosed in 2017, but I have been living… Read More

     Today, I will be attending my latest six-monthly neurology review.  This is to assess how Parkinson’s disease is progressing and to review medication.   It is an opportunity for my neurologist and I to explore how I experience Parkinson’s and for us both to ask questions about all aspects of that.  There will be two differences, in relation to this appointment, for me today.      The first, and most significant,… Read More

Synopsis: On the twentieth anniversary of the tragic death of rising tennis star, Francesca Laing, two old friends meet in an explosive exchange of accusation and recrimination. Was Franny’s death truly an accident or was her devastating death caused by something more sinister? This is a short story, of the mystery genre, by Dean G. Parsons. Available at Amazon UK and in 240 worldwide territories. (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

Synopsis: Frank had lived an ordinary village life. Now divorced, he loved seeing his two children at the weekends. With a romantic connection developing, life was getting better for Frank. That all changed one beautiful summer day, while at work in the library of the peaceful village of Brackfield. After hearing a powerful sound from above, came an unexpected terror that would challenge Frank’s very survival. This is a short story, of… Read More

Synopsis: Twelve year old best friends, Emma and Preeti, are on holiday with Emma’s mum in a pretty cottage in a countryside village. Life in this quiet and pretty village is so different from hectic London and the two girls are soon enjoying summer days and ice cream away from city life. During a day when they help local villagers with the annual insect count, the two friends make a surprise discovery… Read More