Radio Parkies Podcast 11

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Hello.  This is my penultimate Radio Parkies broadcast, from 31st August 2019, with end of broadcast song…

Podcast topics:

  • Introducing Dean.
  • How radio and social media help combat loneliness, aloneness and social isolation.
  • Announcing that I have only one more broadcast on RadioParkies, following this one, having decided that three months worth of my voice is enough for anyone!
  • Song: ‘Like to Get to Know You Well’ by Howard Jones.

Select the following link, to listen:

Dean’s broadcast of 31st August 2019.

Select the following link, for the song:

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.



  1. Great song choice Dean. I remember it well. I find your radio voice very soothing, perfect for a guided meditation/mindfulness cd perhaps!

    1. Hi Maxine. Thanks for listening and for taking the time to comment. That’s very kind of you to say and a good idea. That said, I just resigned my role in presenting this segment on radio. I’m far happier as a writer and, even though I practice counselling and psychotherapy, I think I would equally not like my voice to go out on a cd or podcast. I think my comfort zone is very ‘behind the scenes’. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Hoping all is well in your world. Best wishes, Dean.

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