As the end of August approaches, I decided that I needed to invest in a wall planner.  The academic year wall planners are available now and what better time for me to start to chart my literary activities.  I believe that I will manage these better if I can see them on the wall chart, rather than leafing through pages of my diary.

    The planner is going to be solely for monitoring my written submissions to other organisations.  So, for example, I have written two short plays and I submitted these to The Ink Festival’s online competition at the beginning of August.  Now, I will follow their progress through that process and update any new communication about them onto the wall chart.  I cross out any prior communication update, when a new one is added; enabling me to have immediate access to the very latest update at a glance.

    You may ask whether I might, instead, use electronic diaries and project planners but I simply prefer to write things down.  I did try an electronic diary on my phone, but I just never took to it.  I like to jot.  I like to touch paper and pen.  I like to leaf through a book or see the writing on the wall, so to speak.

    Also on my wall chart for August, for example, is the submission I made for an article to be published in Parkinson’s Life online magazine.  The process involved submitting an article plan, receiving updates from the magazine and then submitting the final article and now, having been told that Parkinson’s Life magazine will publish my article, I will chart progression to the day of publication.  This has been incredibly helpful to be able to just see from my desk but also, when there is a success such as this, it is uplifting and motivating to look at.

    How do you monitor your writing applications and submissions?  How do you monitor your progression of your own writing projects?

    I will be using this wall chart to update my progress on ongoing writing projects.  I can certainly recommend this as a useful tool for any writer.  It will also be helpful for charting my writing goals.  Thinking of which, I had better get back to them!

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.