The Art Shack 1

    A group of friends and I have formed an art and craft group. The aim being that we meet on a regular basis, each of us taking turns to host.  We each bring along a home made dish to contribute to a buffet lunch.  We bring with us whichever art or craft materials we would like to.  We may work on an individual project, we may choose a group activity and we may all have a go at practicing a new technique or method that someone in the group would like to share with us.

    This August we met up and, although several of the group were unable to attend this month; Kevin, Kim and Darren, the flexibility of the group is that you just attend as many gatherings as you can but as we all know life has to be lived, too, sometimes attendance will be missed.  No pressure, is the key.

I had already created a Facebook based art group which I called The Art Shack. A few of us, from this collective, were already members of The Art Shack on Facebook. Having met up as this little collective, I invited everyone to join The Art Shack online. We now use that page as our online art group page.

    I recommend that you give the same a try.  Gather a few friends who enjoy creativity and meet once per month, or so, and share a lunch.  If you decide to give this a go, do come back and leave a comment about how it went and what activities you enjoyed.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.



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