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    As I sit at my desk, drinking coffee, I am reflecting over a rather busy day, yesterday.  I have increasingly noticed that, certainly since publishing my latest book, my online presence still needs ‘fine tuning’.  For a writer, it becomes increasingly important to create a brand identity.  Mine is my name but, where I would usually just list myself as Dean Parsons, my author identity is Dean. G. Parsons.  I recognised, yesterday, that I needed to bring all of my online presence in line with that identity.

    I have, therefore, made a number of changes to my online sites and pages and so here is an up to date list of where to find me, online:

Online Magazine:



Dean G. Parsons Writer on Facebook

Dean G. Parsons Therapy Services on Facebook








Dean G. Parsons Writer

    I still have a couple more sites to bring in line with this brand identity and so I will add those to this page, shortly.

    If you are a writer, do think about your online identity.  Your readership will need to be able to find your online sites with ease and whether you like it or not, you are developing your brand every time you post something to online sites.  It makes sense to make that brand a consistent identity, across the board.

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