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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Part One: The city lights are so revealing. He’s not in control and doesn’t care. He cannot hide the way he’s feeling. The sleazy street lights render him bare. Across the street the hot guy’s dealing. This type of encounter would be rare. His poison lips are so appealing. He knows of the risks but will he dare? Close heat and drugs then leave him reeling. The dance-floor a palpable nightmare. Sweat… Read More


    It was a sizzlingly hot Sunday.  The sky was the most beautiful blue and there was a tranquility that only happens on the lazy, hazy days of late summer.  My brother-in-law, Adrian, my friend, Darren, and I arrived at beautiful Blythburgh Church, here in Suffolk.     Just a stones throw from popular seaside destination, Southwold, and surrounded by Suffolk’s network of ‘chocolate-box’ pretty Suffolk villages, one could almost forget… Read More

    I’ve never painted a portrait before. I have been watching artists on tv, so hopefully I’ve learnt a few tips!  I have started to work on a portrait of Barak Obama.  It’s my representation of a photo from a book cover. It is not finished yet. That may take a couple more days.  I have a condition called prosopagnosia, so portraits can be tricky. It’s been a long time since I attempted… Read More

    As the end of August approaches, I decided that I needed to invest in a wall planner.  The academic year wall planners are available now and what better time for me to start to chart my literary activities.  I believe that I will manage these better if I can see them on the wall chart, rather than leafing through pages of my diary.     The planner is going to… Read More

As we approach the end of August, in the gardening calendar, and the signs of seasonal change are gently beginning to make themselves known in the cottage garden, I had been thinking back to what the garden was like when we first moved in, back in 2009. Frankly, the place was a blank canvas. Have you ever had a garden that was a blank canvas? There was part of a perimeter fence and… Read More

In the art group I am part of, with a group of friends, we recently met and hand decorated some wooden bunting cut-outs.  If you would like to try this, then these are the items you will need for three bunting flags: Bunting flag plywood cut outs. (You can alternatively use canvas). String. Adhesive. Photograph of pictures that you like; one per bunting flag. A small bowl. Water. A cloth. A brush… Read More

    A few days ago, my friends and I gathered together at a mutual friend’s house in Harleston, Norfolk.  The purpose of the gathering was to enjoy a day of art and or craft activities.  We all took along a home made dish to contribute towards a buffet lunch.  What a feast we shared!     One of the forms of art that I wanted to practice and develop my skills… Read More

    A group of friends and I have formed an art and craft group. The aim being that we meet on a regular basis, each of us taking turns to host.  We each bring along a home made dish to contribute to a buffet lunch.  We bring with us whichever art or craft materials we would like to.  We may work on an individual project, we may choose a group activity and… Read More

    I have long wanted to make a space, at home, for art and crafting.  It is nice to reflect over achievements and this morning I am enjoying having progressed one of my goals.  We are fortunate to have large sized bedrooms and our guestroom is where I have my writing desk.     While I am still developing the ‘writing den’ aspect of the room, I have now achieved my… Read More

This year, I’ve paid particular attention to attracting in more bees and insects. I’ve packed our little cottage garden with all manner of flowering plants and shrubs that serve as a beacon. Here are some of the pictures from this spring-summer, 2019. Have you had any success attracting more bees into your garden? (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.