How Did That Happen?

I don’t know about you, but once in a while I need to sit and think about what has been achieved.  Today is a particularly wet, rainy day and so what better opportunity, as I complete administrative and writing tasks, than to think about what has been achieved in the first six months (already!) of this year.

What sort of a year have you had?  Mine has been somewhat of a whirlwind.  I am delighted to say that a great deal has been achieved, though.  I have written a lot of articles on this site and I have written and published three short stories on Amazon Kindle.  I have written two short plays and I achieved my Diploma in Creative Writing, back in January.  Somehow, while also running my psychotherapy practice and seeing that grow, I have also started to present a small weekly segment on a radio show!! I didn’t see that coming! How did that happen?  I love the surprises of life.

I have been through another review of my health, to see how I am doing in regard to Parkinson’s.  I guess this is a tricky one to feel an accomplishment about, for each year my health deteriorates in some way as the disease progresses.  That said, I believe that the achievements in continuing to live life well and achieve new things, as well as maintaining existing components of life, is something of an achievement.  The new or increased medication that comes from each appointment with my Neurologist, reveals the nature of the progression of the disease but I can happily say that the medication is doing wonderful things and I am just incredibly active and busy.

I would recommend to anyone who is living with illness; whether that be physical health or mental health, that being creative is helpful and therapeutic.  For me, writing is top of the list and I would add gardening in there.  I also have a desire, having been glued to the BBC’s ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ (I love that show!), to have a go at portrait painting.  That is on my agenda for this year; both to just dabble and, perhaps, find a tutor to teach me some basics.  What are you doing that brings creativity into your life, in a therapeutic way?

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