The Show Must Go On

I’m thinking back to Saturday night.  My brother-in-law was here for the weekend and so it was a nice social weekend.  Something else was different about the weekend, though.  On Saturday night my words were broadcast by a radio station.  Out into the world, a new way of connecting with people who, like me, have Parkinson’s or are affected by Parkinson’s.

The station is called Radio Parkies.  It was such a privilege to be invited, by presenter DJ Johnny, to contribute to Radio Parkies and, even more so, to be invited to offer something each week, for a little while at least.  The radio station is internet based. What a great way for any community to reach people who may be isolated geographically or who may be socially isolated for other reasons.  I must say that it was just a little bit nerve-wracking to have my voice played out on radio, but I was thrilled to do this.

Radio is a wonderful medium for making people feel connected to a wider community.  I have to say that the music I’ve heard on Radio Parkies is great, too.  I know only too well, from the work I do in co-facilitating an online support group for people with Parkinson’s, with members across the world, that there are so many isolated and vulnerable people who benefit hugely from feeling connected to others.  Loneliness seems to be an increasing scourge in modern day society and, contrary to what many believe, can affect those who may live in the midst of a highly populated street, village, town or city; this is not just about living remotely.

As I set about developing my presentation for my next little instalment on Radio Parkies, perhaps we might all give some thought as to how to help those who are isolated, to connect.    Meanwhile, do feel free to check out for yourself and, if you are a person with Parkinson’s or a loved one/caregiver, do come to Facebook and look for ‘Parkinson’s Road’; a vibrant and fun loving community, where support is available 24/7.

(C) Dean Parsons. 2019.



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