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Monthly Archives: June 2019

I appear to be stuck in a room. Outside there is a village meeting. I hear sounds of joy and groans of gloom. My chance to leave was only fleeting. The villagers are gathered next door, To discuss community issues. My need for dinner grows ever more. All I have are pens, pad and tissues. You see I was here doing my job, Counselling clients throughout the eve. At home my dinner… Read More


    For  the past two Saturday’s, I have been fortunate to be invited to broadcast on the radio.  I have been given a segment of time to write a small programme of my own.  A little like a ‘thought of the day’ segment.  The radio station is Radio Parkies; aimed at the Parkinson’s community.  The very talented host of the show that my segment appears in, is DJ Johnny.  He plays… Read More

    I am reflecting over my current writing projects.  One of them is a project that is turning out to be as enjoyable as it is challenging.  Initially, the idea was for me to write a small collection of poetry related to my relationship with Parkinson’s Disease.  As I have been writing the poetry, what is emerging is an autobiographical work that reveals aspects of my life. Interestingly, it is my… Read More