Final Submission

Today, I have submitted my final assignment for the course I have been studying.  I started the course in September 2017.  I had been writing since childhood, for my own pleasure.  I had never shown my writing to others with any regularity.  Writing was my guilty pleasure but, in my heart, I longed to feel confident enough to write anything of interest to others.  This was not a matter of ego but more a sense that I have something to share and contribute.  I had, by this time, had one or two articles published through professional roles and I had started my blog.  My confidence was starting to emerge.

Upon starting the Diploma, I met renewed excitement and hopefulness about a professional future as a writer.  I contemplated the possibility that I might complete the course and do well enough to one day have something published.  I can now attest to that.  I have completed the course and I do feel confident about my prospects to write and to be published.  That sense of certainty comes directly from this course and the sensitive guidance and feedback from my course tutor.

Through completing the course, I found that my existing skills were fine-tuned and reinforced.  I learnt many new skills and achieved writing of a type and standard that I had previously only hoped to be able to achieve. Now, I feel that I can claim the title of writer and I have a strong sense of self-confidence at my writing ability.  Furthermore, I also feel confident about the other aspects of being a writer, such as in research processes, editing, character creation, plot creation, planning and how to become published.

The course certainly challenged me.  I have learnt to develop insight into myself.  I now have a clear understanding of what I do well, where I need to develop, what motivates me and what I wrangle with.  I know who I am as a writer.  I understand so much more about not only what I enjoy writing, but I have increased the amount and variety of what I read for pleasure, too.

I have gained clear understanding of the different genres of writing, the structures within some of those and a renewed appreciation for the works of other writers.  I put so much more planning, research and thought into my writing now, than ever before.  I feel that I am clear about the choices and directions I wish to take in my writing and I am far more considerate of the perspective and experience of readers.

My use of descriptive language has improved, for the course taught me well about how to convey what I seek to communicate.  I have learnt to consider the authenticity of my characters by writing character background profiles, considering their dialogue and the need for that to be as authentic as the characters themselves.  I have become increasingly aware of how dialogue, and the authenticity of it, matters so much for writing for the stage and for radio, where a written narrative will not be available to an audience.

The course also covered non-fiction and journalistic writing and this will be particularly helpful when it comes to submitting articles for magazines or for life-writing; such as biographies.

Gaining understanding of the editorial process has been invaluable.  I have started to share my written work with those close to me, where before I would not, and I have been able to hone my skills at learning from feedback and self-evaluation.  My eye for detail has improved and my ability to comfortably self-critique has also benefited.  I now know that I can confidently send forward my written work, to a publisher.

Where publishing is concerned, I had no prior knowledge, insight or understanding about how one would seek to be published.  I can say with absolute certainty that I can now confidently put together a proposal for being published and that I feel utterly compelled to do so, with great motivation.  I am likely to also self-publish through routes like Amazon Kindle.

In conclusion, I feel that the course has given me a gift.  Not only have I developed in many of the ways described above, but I feel that writing is both an art and a craft.  This respect for this field of creativity is now heightened and incredibly important.  I feel that I can now contribute to the literary life of my society. My increased respect for writing, as a skilled vocation, has taught me a new reverence for my own writing processes.  These processes are very much the art and the craft of being a writer.  This is now a deeply entrenched aspect of who I am as a writer and I feel gratitude that I took the course and invested in my writing career in this way.

What comes next?  Well, first I hope to be informed that I have gained the qualification.  This year, however, will see the start of my first major endeavours at producing some serious work to be published.

All I can say is watch this space and thank you to everyone who continues to support me as a writer by showing an interest in my blog and my social media pages.  I will keep you posted about my forthcoming projects. I have many exciting ideas and projects in progress.

(C) Dean Parsons 2019.




  • Dean.. I love your blogs and find your work extremely easy to read as it flows naturally.. I eagerly look forward to your future works.. keep up the good work & congratulations from a fan xxx

    • Hello MamaB, What a lovely message. Thank you so much for your interest and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate that. I will certainly keep the posts coming. Sending you good wishes, Dean.

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