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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  “I remember an old woman with long white hair, in two plaits.  She is sitting in a rocking chair, gently rocking back and forth as she watches the flames flicker in the fireplace.  She has an old cream coloured, woolly shawl around her shoulders.  Beneath that, a white blouse.  She is wearing long, heavy, dark skirts with underskirts.  She is dressed in immaculately clean, black lace-up boots but the heels and… Read More


Today, I have been reflecting about the lovely clinic in Wickham Market that I now practice from as one of my therapy venues.  Depending on the day and time, I sometimes arrive to the cheerful sound of a peel of Church bells.  This always makes me smile, as I think of busy villagers getting ready for a Church service or, when it is evening, perhaps the local bell-ringers are having a practice? … Read More

I have been thinking, today, about how well our cottage garden is developing as a habitat for wildlife.  Certainly, it has been our intention to create an environment that will attract and nourish the natural ecosystems.  Wildlife and nature need help, these days. I believe that connecting with nature and the environment is fundamentally important to human well-being.   When we moved into our cottage, we planted a hedgerow along the fence… Read More

With the onset of the autumn season, it is time to start clearing the garden up from the summer activities and putting the structures in place for planting and growing for the cold seasons and into spring, in the new year.  Over the last year, I have not done much in the way of gardening, due to my health making that difficult, but I am now doing a little gardening a few… Read More

In the Parkinson’s community that is Parkinson’s Road; a Facebook based global support group that I write for and co-facilitate, the subject of communication between people with Parkinson’s and those close to them, arises frequently.  This is an incredibly important and complex subject and this post is just another brief aspect of a far bigger discussion. My belief, as a co-facilitator of an online support group, is that a main aspiration for… Read More