Writing the Future

“Everything you can imagine, is real.” – Pablo Picasso.

I received some lovely feedback from the tutor of my creative writing course, today.  My latest assignment was to write a play for radio.  I was particularly looking forward to this course module, for one of my writing ambitions is to write plays for the radio; a main reason for taking this particular course.

We All Need Validation:

It was a great relief to have been successful in this module of my course.  It was reassuring to read feedback about the emotional response that my play had triggered in my tutor.  That affirmed to me that my play writing skills may just be good enough to have a meaningful effect on an audience.  This is, for me, the whole point of writing; to evoke a response in the reader, or audience.  That something conveyed through writing creates a connection, an experience and a meaning for the reader or audience.

Just as for an artist, showing their art, the wonder comes from how each  person who experiences the artwork, interprets the work.  What does it mean to him/her/them?  The artwork may have a meaning, in the mind and intention of the artist, but the viewer, reader or audience will make their own minds up based upon their own personal experience of life and their own values.  The possibility for a broad variety of interpretations is both a hazard and a blessing, therefore.

Approaching a Crossroad:

I am almost at the half-way mark, of my course.  An exciting juncture.  Also a daunting place to be approaching, for the future beckons.  In many ways, a continuation of my journey as a Writer; an artist.  The new direction will be making writing my primary profession, in due course.

Change is invigorating.  It can be challenging but, for anything to have value, it must surely be challenging in order to offer a sense of worth? I believe so, for that is where we find a sense of accomplishment.

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