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Monthly Archives: March 2018

One of the subjects that people with Parkinson’s have both experience of and opinion about is that of side effects caused by medication.  The possible side effects of short and long-term medication use are well listed within the information leaflets found within medication packs.  Side effects are also well listed and, more importantly,  described on the web site of most leading Parkinson’s charities, nationally, around the world. What I hear from fellow… Read More


    Today, I need to share something about how appalled I am at our Conservative Government.  I was shocked, recently, by a decision affecting my mother’s care.  Our Conservative Government and Conservative Local Authority, continues to make the rich in our society richer, while cutting back vital support for the poor and disabled.  Our Prime Minister must have a wooden heart, for Theresa May’s policies are hurting the most vulnerable in society…. Read More

One of my cousins lives in the north of England.  She is a kind person and she has taken a keen interest in learning about Parkinson’s, since my diagnosis last year.  She has offered many a kind word, from the other end of the phone, and she has witnessed some of the worst of my symptoms first hand, during her visits.  Her name is Debbie and she has been, I know, horrified… Read More

At the end of each day, before I eventually sleep, I like to reflect over what I achieved that day.  Today, while doing some reflective thinking, I realised something about what I achieved yesterday.  I wonder if you will identify with this? I went to work to meet with my clients.  I didn’t actually leave my house to go to work.  I met my clients online. I made the house beautifully clean. … Read More

One of the difficulties that people with Parkinson’s tell me about is their sense of frustration at the realisation their diagnosis has changed them forever.  I know this feeling, myself.  I too am well aware of the limitations this disease has upon my life and of how I will never regain my former good health and ability.  That is tough to accept, yet accept we must. Quote: “Life is a series of… Read More