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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Something that I have become aware of, since being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, is that there is nobody in my life to teach me how to ‘do’ Parkinson’s Disease!  Throughout my life there have been my parents, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, employers, trainers and people I know/knew to learn from and emulate.  Today, I do not actually know a person in my physical world who has any form of Parkinson’s… Read More


A brown suitcase entrusted unto me In black and white she dances and smiles An archive of much treasured history Her story captivates and beguiles. The ballerina and her family Their scrap book tales of travelling miles Photos and letters saved so carefully Depict triumphs, joys, their plight and trials. Drawings in chalk from the last century Edwardian journeys, ships and styles Sepia records of society Troubling tales of hardships awhile. Distant… Read More

We will all experience varying degrees of worry and anxiety in our lifetime.  Here is a simple method of moving into an empowered position, over your anxiety.  This is highly effective at times when anxiety may feel distressing. Do not fight the feelings of worry or anxiety. Doing so may enter you into conflict with your emotions. Conflict adds to worry and anxiety, and that increases your ‘adrenaline rush’ which prevents calming. … Read More

Can it already be mid-way through January?  With the festive season already behind us, many of us will have made an effort toward our New Year’s Resolutions.  Some may have made a great in-roads, while others may already be lambasting themselves as a failure.  At that point, some may give up, while others may develop a defiance to try again.  This annual process, for most people, mirrors the average day, week and… Read More