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They were mine until one rainy day When my friend got wet I gave them away To give this gift required no pluck Yet, for my friend, they have brought good luck It seems the stars have a magical way To bestow good things Chasing bad away Now, when my friend faces challenges new You can be sure to know What she wears in her shoe It’s the Lucky Socks at work You… Read More


This is just a brief post but I thought that any fellow writers out there might appreciate.  As I sit here at my desk doing some research for my writing, I just came across this idea that I found on Pinterest:      It is limited, but it does offer quick access to broader vocabulary and themes.  As an exercise, it might even be an idea to create a wheel of your… Read More

     From 2004 – 2007, I was the Service Manager of a medical and psychotherapy treatment service for those seeking support in overcoming substance abuse addiction; one of the services of Cranstoun group.  The service covered the London Borough of Croydon; one of the most diverse of London’s Boroughs.      The treatment service was classed as a Tier 2 and Tier 3 non-residential ‘Community Day Programme’ treatment service; offering counselling,… Read More

    Today, I am saddened by news of yet more prejudice and discrimination in our world.  This reminded me of a former role I had, in my career.  In 2003, I worked in a role that supported Victims of Hate Crime.  My counselling and psychotherapy skills were used to support men and women who had been targeted by abuse and violence due to being LGBTQ.     My work was challenging… Read More