Specialist Support of Veterans

In 2014, I was contacted by The Eagle magazine, in Suffolk.  They had become aware of my many years of experience supporting Veterans, and other armed forces personnel; in particular my work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that I had been awarded for my work as Clinical Supervisor to Student Interns through Lakenheath US Military Air Base.

They invited me to publish a brief article on my services and, since then, I have continued to support Veterans, and other armed forces personnel (and their families), with Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision; largely from treatment rooms at The Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge.

The effects of military service are varied and are many; both psychologically and physiologically.  The impact of armed service can be far reaching; to both Veterans and to those close to them.

My history of delivering treatment and therapy to this specialist client group spans my many years in running therapy and treatment services, as Service Manager, within the Charity Sector, within my role as Specialist Services Team Leader in the NHS and also as a Commissioner of treatment and therapy services in my role as a Commissioning Manager within the Chief Executive’s Office in Suffolk County Council; where I helped design, commission, contract and performance manage specialist services, many of which were for those suffering the effects of PTSD.

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