A Problem Shared

Many clients will often express a fear of going into a group situation but, as a psychotherapist, I have seen many benefits for clients who participate in group therapy.  Sessions are usually conducted around a common theme among a group of people; for example, a group where clients all have an experience of bereavement or … Continue reading A Problem Shared


A Tough Day

For more than twenty years, I had been experiencing some strange symptoms that had started to worry me.  I was experiencing pains, twitches, migraines and even occasional difficulty walking.  It was occasional and then life would return to normal.  I felt concerned, but just got used to getting on with these occasional symptoms. I would … Continue reading A Tough Day

Swap ‘Insecurity’ for Being ‘In Security’

Insecurity is something that can have a very deep and significant impact upon a person.  There are many schools of thought on what causes insecurity and on how to overcome it.  This is certainly an issue that people bring to me, as their Counsellor or Psychotherapist.  Sometimes, they come to see me specifically for that.  Mostly, … Continue reading Swap ‘Insecurity’ for Being ‘In Security’