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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Many clients will often express a fear of going into a group situation but, as a psychotherapist, I have seen many benefits for clients who participate in group therapy.  Sessions are usually conducted around a common theme among a group of people; for example, a group where clients all have an experience of bereavement or of drug and alcohol problems. The benefit of a common theme is that there is also potential… Read More


For more than twenty years, I had been experiencing some strange symptoms that had started to worry me.  I was experiencing pains, twitches, migraines and even occasional difficulty walking.  It was occasional and then life would return to normal.  I felt concerned, but just got used to getting on with these occasional symptoms. I would go back to my GP, every so often, to report more symptoms, changing symptoms and new symptoms. … Read More

In 2014, I was contacted by The Eagle magazine, in Suffolk.  They had become aware of my many years of experience supporting Veterans, and other armed forces personnel; in particular my work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that I had been awarded for my work as Clinical Supervisor to Student Interns through Lakenheath US Military Air Base. They invited me to publish a brief article on my services and, since then,… Read More

The treatment for Depression is not an exact science.  Treatment options around the world vary from talking therapies, alternative and complementary therapies through to the use of prescribed medication. In the Western world, a combination of talking therapies and prescribed medication would appear to be increasingly used as a targeted approach to addressing the suspected cause and effect of Depression; although the treatment modalities and prescribing regimen appear to vary and it… Read More

     Kim Edwards is a renowned local artist, here in Suffolk.  Kim is known for her landscapes and her skyscapes, as well as her print-works.  I am very proud to be able to count Kim as a dear personal friend and it has been wonderful to watch her build her style, her reputation and her place in the art community, here on the east coast of Suffolk, since Kim moved to… Read More

Insecurity is something that can have a very deep and significant impact upon a person.  There are many schools of thought on what causes insecurity and on how to overcome it.  This is certainly an issue that people bring to me, as their Counsellor or Psychotherapist.  Sometimes, they come to see me specifically for that.  Mostly, however, people come to see me for another problem and, as therapy progresses, we uncover insecurity as… Read More

     As a psychotherapist, one of the issues that people come to see me for is help to overcome gambling addiction.  I have considered how gambling addiction originates and develops within people.  There are many definitions of addiction but there is a recognition that addiction has its origins within our genes; that biological factors such as neurological processes play a part.  Alongside our genetics the origin of addiction may also be… Read More

    Probably all families know difficulty and even tragedy, at some point along the way. I write this at a difficult time for my family.  Indeed, I am sitting here and reflecting on that difficulty, today.  Alongside this, I have been watching the brand new tv series of the X-Files; hence the use of this title.  I would say that there is something comforting about seeing a much loved tv series… Read More