• Bananas and Hearts in Nottingham

         The event had been planned for a few months.  Having travelled for around four or five hours to what was a very heavily flooded part of England, we

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  • Facial Art Mystery

         One of the interesting things about regularly practicing art, is that you start to develop a style of your own.  I have taken to working on portraits.  This

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  • A Look Inside

    Synopsis: Born in London, Dean G. Parsons is a renowned psychotherapist and writer now living in the beautiful county of Suffolk; the home of many of his ancestors. Diagnosed in

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  • The Stuff of Dreams

         I have been contacted by Parkinson’s Life magazine.  They have advised me that they have showcased my book in their list of top books about Parkinson’s! This is

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  • Yes, You Can Do This

    When life does not go your way. When your world falls apart. When your outlook is grey. Yes, you can do this. When trouble lurks at your door. When there’s

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  • Witnessing Movie History

         My childhood was a very creative environment and experience.  On one occasion, I was allowed to sit in the Director’s chair!  This chair was made of light wood

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