• Fun Bunting Transfers

    In the art group I am part of, with a group of friends, we recently met and hand decorated some wooden bunting cut-outs.  If you would like to try this,

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  • A Gift for the Bees

    This year, I’ve paid particular attention to attracting in more bees and insects. I’ve packed our little cottage garden with all manner of flowering plants and shrubs that serve as

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  • A Career in Reinvention

    “Reinvention has been the key to my career success.  Once in a while, I change direction.  I adapt and grow.  This has now become the key to my life as

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  • Dream a Little Dream

    A method of dream interpretation, that I use in the context of a therapy session, is to listen to the client recount their dream and to then do the following:

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  • A Kiss to Remember

    One of the most renowned and outstanding pieces of art was recently within touching  distance from where I was stood.  On the perimeter, a high, red-bricked wall and some black

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  • Beneath a Mexican Sky

    When Paradise Calls.     It was May 1996.  I was twenty-four going on twenty-five years of age.  John Major was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I felt

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  • Talking Parkinson’s

    In the Parkinson’s community that is Parkinson’s Road; a Facebook based global support group that I write for and co-facilitate, the subject of communication between people with Parkinson’s and those

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  • Yes, You Can Do This

    When life does not go your way. When your world falls apart. When your outlook is grey. Yes, you can do this. When trouble lurks at your door. When there’s

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  • Witnessing Movie History

    I was allowed to sit in the Director’s chair!  This chair was made of light wood and was foldable.  It had black material for the seat and the back rest

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  • A Swash-Buckling Day

    In 2015, my partner and I joined our friend Clare in the pretty village of Glemham, Suffolk, for a festival held at Glemham Hall. The festival was the Folk East festival. 

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